Wow! Laipa Lawmhpi Ṭhan Hna Usih The Department Of Science Award A Hmu Ṭhan

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Lunglawmhnak Thawngpang ṭha taktak: Laipa Pawpaw Khima nih The Department Of Science Award a kan hmuhpiak lawmhpi cio hna usih a sunglawi tuk hringhran. Top 20 High Academic Achieving student thimmi/aitelmi Perry Meridian High School ah amah hi Deparment Science Award cotu a si.

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Pawpaw Khima hi thlapa cung a kai hmasat bikmi Neil Armstrong sianginn a rak kainak Perdue University ah sianginn kai ve ding in full scholarship a hmumi a si. Perdue University hi US ram chung Top 10 Engineering University ah aa tel ve mi sianginn ṭha taktakmi le mithang taktak pakhat a si ve.

Top 10 Engineering University chungah a tel vemi Perdue University ah Provost’s scholarship a hmuh pinah vawlei cung minthang Ivy League University zong nih anmah sianginn ah sianginn kai ding in interview an tuah rih tiah theih a si fawn. Pawpaw Khima hi a chuahkehnak cu Chin ramkulh Mara, Aru khua a si tiah kan theih.

Ṭha tein le tluang tein a kai khawhnak hnga thlacamnak in bawm cio hna usih! Cun thlapa cung kai khawhnak caan ṭha a ngei ti u sih law kan palh lai lo. Kan Chin miphun chungin hibantukin kan mino tete nih minṭhatnak an hmuhmi hi asunglawi tuk hringhran lawmhpi cio hna u sih!

Miraang ca in rel khawh a si. Congratulations Pawpaw Khima on winning the Department of Science Award! A top 20 High Academic Achieving student at Perry Meridian High School, only one student is nominated and selected to be awarded as Department Award Winner. Pawpaw won in the Science Department.

After receiving admissions and generous scholarships offers from some top schools and universities in the USA, Pawpaw has accepted as a Direct Admit student to attend the College of Engineering at Purdue University in Lafayette, a top 10 Engineering School in the nation.

Pawpaw was one the best students at the BACI Upward College Program in the past four years, especially he was well recognized for his critical thinking skills and research skills at the Upward College Summer Scholars PAR research projects for the past two summers. He is a regular volunteer for our community through BACI and his school. He plans to pursue a Ph.D degree in Engineering.

We are very proud of Pawpaw for his excellent academic achievement and leadership at BACI, his school, and beyond! We wish him the best of luck with his higher education and future career. BACI

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