Video: Hakha Mino Bu nih Ral Hmung Certual Ah Hotel le Shopping Mall Sak An Duh Lonak Fiang Taktak In An Langhter

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Khah Hakha mino bu hna nih video tawi tein le fiang hrang taktak in an duh lonak an langhter mi ngaih tik ah ruah lo awk hrim ttha lo. Zeiruang ah dah Ral Hmung Certual hrawh riangmang in Hotel le Shopping mall sak kan duh lo ti cu mah video hin rak zoh ve hman. A tangbik ah video um lai.

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Salai Lungthli Tum nih a chim mi hi rel chih. Hakha shopping mall cu tihnung thlankhur si lo, minung za pawcawmtu ding asi: ‘Ralhmung cerhmun ah shopping mall an sak lai’ timi thawngpang ka theih ah ka rak i lawmh ngai, Hakha nih kan herh bikmi pei kan sang ah an rak chiah cang lai cu’ ka ti. Ralhmung cerhmun cu a kaupi caah parking hmun ai rem i khua lai a si fawn caah Hakha a dawhter tuk te lai tiah ka rak ruah, a buaibaimi an um lai ka rak ruat hraw lo.

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Nain, tlawmpal ah cheukhat nih cun ‘shopping mall (dawr nganpi) kha IS ralhrang bantuk in an hun tih, shopping mall nih a kan thah dih lai ti bang thih ngamh in cozah cu an soisel i an doh. Lamzawh tiang an i tim cang ti a si. An i manh ngai. Hakha nih bawlung cerhmun 6 leng kan ngei, nain sipuazi lei thanchonak caah a herh tukmi shopping mall belte kan ngei rih lo. Kan herh ngaimi shopping mall pakhat caah kan cerhmun pakhat pekchanh cu a tha ngaimi investment a si ko tiah ka ruah.

Tulio Hakha dirhmun in khua leng ah shopping mall tuah awk a tha lo, a kal duhmi an tlawm lai. Hi ruang ah Ralhmung cerhmun thengte an i thimnak a si lai tiah ka ruah. Cerhmun cu kan herh zat in khua leng zong ah tuah khawh a si, bawlung chuih duhmi nih cun GTI le CCU kun zong ah an kal hnawh cio ko, bawlung kun kan harsa lo. Thil tha tuah tikah 100% a tha dih timi a um bal lo, side-effects (that lonak chuahpimi) a um lengmang. Damnak sii tlang khat din hmanh ah side-effects cu a um.

Shopping mall zong that lonak a chuahpimi a um ve ko lai, nain thatnak a chuahpi ding le chiatnak a chuahpi ding cuaithlai tikah thatnak a chuahpi ding a tam deuh tuk tiah kei nih cun ka ruah. A tawinak in chim ahcun Hakha mino a thong deng in riantha a kan pe khotu ding a si, bawlung kun belte nih cun phaisa a chuahpi lai lo hlei ah mino riantha a kan pe lai lo, bawlung thiammi le lentecelh duh caah cun hmun tha tuk a si ko nain.

Ral Hmung Certual private sinah pek lo dingin nawlnak

Our opinion on the privatization of Ral Hmung Certual Youth of Hakha 🏕🏝We don´t have enough public spaces in the city. We can´t afford to lose the few ones that are left. 🌲🌳🌲More trees are needed in the city to clean our air. Please do not replace our trees with shopping mall and hotel. ⛹️‍♀️🤾‍♂️🏇🤾‍♀️More than 2000 students use this space. Please do not take this away from them. 🚦🚗🏍🚗🏍🚗🚥Construction of shopping mall and hotel will not only pollute the air but also disturb the children´s learning environment. 📈📉How much of the benefits from this project will invested in the community is unsure. 🍚🍱🍳It will be difficult for local businesses to compete with the shopping center. The livelihood of local people is at stake.🏢🏭🏦🏦Youth and youth organizations in Hakha humbly request you to consider another option. #leaveusabetterspace #leaveusabetterplacePlease make a better world. Soundtrack: Heal the World (Michael Jackson)

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