Van Ceu Thawng Le Peter Kongah CNF/A An Cawlcang Cang

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Ralkap Tlaihmi Van Ceu Thawng le Peter Thlah Ding in CNF/A nih Hal! CNF/A hruaitu cheukhat le Myanmar ralkap Northern Command ralbawi cu March 10 zanlei sml. 4:00 ah Hakha khua ah ton biaruahnak an ngei hna i tlaih a tongmi CCPR rianttuantu Salai Peter Thian Bawm Sang le Van Ceu Thawng kan thlah tthan hrim hna lai, tiah ralkap lei nih an chim.

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March 10 tonnak ah “Ralkap nih tlaihmi vialte thlah dih ding le lamzawhtu pawl hnahnawhnak pek lo ding” in CNF/A lei nih an hal hna. Ralkap lei zong nih CDM a tuahmi palik pawl ap ding in CNF/A an hal nain CDM a tuahmi palik kan sin ah an um lo tiah CNF/A nih an leh hna. March 8 zanlei ah Salai Peter Thian Bawm Sang cu Thantlang phak lai Laipawnglung ah ralkap nih an tlaih. March 9 ah ralkap nih Hakha CCPR zung an luh hnawh i Van Ceu Thawng an tlaih ve.

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March 10 ralkap he tonnak a kalmi CNF/A vice-chairman (3) Dr. Sui Khar nih “Kan i ton tawnnak hmun ah ton biaruahnak kan ngei. Tlaih a tongmi pawl thlah ding in bia kan i ruah. An tlaihmi hna hi ralkap lei nih bia an hal hna lai i, CDM cawlcanghnak ah an i tel lo tiah an hmuh cun an thlah tthan ko hna lai. Taksa lei fahnak pek loin him tein kan chiah ko hna an ti. An thlah hna le thlah hna lo thil sining kan zoh lai i a herh ning in kan cawlcaang ko lai” tiah a chim.

English: SAC’s armed group promised to release two detained CCPR staff members, Salai Peter and Salai Van Ceu Thawng. The armed group accused them of assisting police officials to take part in nationwide Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM). The armed group made its promise during the bileteral meeting with Chin National Front (CNF/A) on March 10. Credit: Chin World & The Chin Journal

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