Trump Le Biden A Vote Tu Hna Duhnak Lungput A Fiang Cang

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U.S president thimnak kong he pehtlaiin Trump vote a pekmi le Biden vote an pekmi kong he pehtlaiin kaphnih vote an peknak a ruang tawi fiang taktak in Vanlianthang Cinzah nih a langhtermi hi vun rel ve hmanh. Hi vote peknak ah mipi thinlung tampi hmuh khawh a si. A tanglei cabia langhtermi kongah nangteh zeitindah na hmuh ve ning a si? Biahalnak: President Donald Trump vote pemi lungput maw na uar deuh Biden vote pemi hna lungput dah?

Image may contain: 2 people, text that says "Ideology Trump Biden 10% Liberal 24% of voters 89% 34% Moderate 38% 64% 85% Conservative 38% 14%"

Vanlianthang Cinzah ttialmi: 2020 thimnak ah Trump lei mee petu hna nih pawcawmnak sipuazi (economy) le himnak le sualnak (crime and safety) kong biapi zohin mee an sanh i, Biden lei mee petu hna nih tulio zawtnak covid-19, ngandamnak kongkau le phun le titvun thleidannak kong biapi zohin mee an thlak. Source: The Washington Post, 14 December 2020. Credit: Vanlianthang Cinzah

Relchih: Thawngpang Thar. Na hawi le sinah kuat cawlk i zuamve. Kan facebook le Google a ngah ve lo sual a si ah cun an kharpiak ve hna ti theihve hna seh. Tuzanlei in an tuahmi a si caah. Internet le Wifi ngeitu nih Google Facebook le Twitter cu a block ve cang hna. Kha a hodah a tei lai. Trump dirkamhtu hi zeitluk indah an thawng timi hi hmuhkhawh a si cang lai.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "vice Provider BANS Twitter And Facebook Author Sara Roth, Helen Smith Published: 10:23 AM PST January 11, 2021 Updated: 2:14 PM PST January 11, 2021 SPOKANE, Wash. North Idaho internet provider Your T1 WIFI, confirmed it is blocking Facebook and Twitter from its WIFI service for some customers due to censorship claims. Your T1 WIFI provides internet services to North Idaho and the Spokane area. The move comes after Twitter and Facebook banned President Trump from their platforms due to incitement of violence and undermining the transition of power to President elect Joe Biden. DX Less contact. More flexibility."

News chimnak station zong harnak tampi an tawng cang an ti. Twitter le Facebook cu an chukbling bak in an zuang cang. Noth Idaho Internet Service Provider BANS Twitter And Facebook Chaklei Idaho internet nih Twitter le Fcebook a kham ve hna. Antuhmi cu atheitlai atha taktak manh cang . By Joseph Thawng Z Ting

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