Thinphang Si! Kawlram Laimi/Chinmi Hrim Ralrin Taktak Kan Hau

Myanmar News

Salai Lairamthang: Ralkap tapung nih thong in misual minung 23000 renglo an chuahmi hna nih Rangoon le Mandalay pawl cu it thiam loin hna an hnawh hna. Inn duah an timh, dinti ah poison paih an timh, mi inn ka an bauh caah sang le veng ummi hna nih tanbung an tum i, an tlaih hna, hri in an hren hna.

May be an image of 4 people and text that says "FEB Our Nights Are Not Safe Anymore Couped Military arrests citizens night illegally. We, Myanmar People, are insecure and unsafe both physically and mentally. We are kidnapped by the Military during the whole night. Start from yesterday, they also to let the prisoners who recently come out from the prisons by their release in order burn our houses. We are very helpless as both the Military and the Police are on the same side. So, please We here shout out the world to help us soon possible. HELP! HELP! HELP! some the photos were dispatched citizens night. military, obviously"

A hremtu cu an hrem hna lo. Tuzan lawngah minung 10 in 20 hrawng cu an tlaihmi hna an si cang lai. Palek sin i va up ahcun a thlah than hna lai ti an phang i, palek an pek duh hna lo, sangupa hna nih an sang zungah an hren hna, A cheu phungki biakinn ah an chiah hna i, nawisen an hnuk.

Mah hi 1988 lio i, mingiatu ralkap MI pawl nih an rak tuah bal cangmi tactic kha a si. Mipi buai hna seh, i tuk i velh le i thathnak chuak sehlaw ralkap nih rule of law a um lo tiin rengh chinchin kha an i timhmi a si. Cucaah fimkhur tein tawlrel zia thiam a hau. Kut thlak iralrin ngaingai a hau.

Relchih: NLD cozah nih an hrawh cangmi khuatlung mileng cazin peknak upadi cu ralkap tapung nih a thar in tuzan ah an nunter than. Khualtlung mileng cazin pe lomi poah cu phaisa thonghra siloah thong ni 7 tiang tlak khawh a si lai ti a si. Vawleicung cozah vialte lak ah a chia bikmi ralkap tapung cozah ngeih than cu lung a fak tuk.

CDM hi ngol ding hrimhrim a si lo, a dihdongh tiang, teinak hmuh hlan tiang cawl lawlaw a herh. Kan lung dongh sual i kan ngol sual ahcun mah nak in a chiakha deuhmi phung upadi an ser rih lai. Atu nak faak in tuar a si rih lai caah a dihdongh tiang pah chih lawlaw a hau. Tutan i teinak nan hmuh ahcun a zungzal ca a si cang lai.

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