Thawngttha! Trump Nih Teinak A Co

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President hlun Donald Trump Nih Teinak A Co Than! President Donald Trump cu Democrats nih voi hnih tiang house ah impeachment an tuah i senate ah voi hnih tiang taza an cuai nain avoi hnih ning tein a tei hna. Democrats pawl cu avoi hnih ning tein an sung. Thil dik nih a donghnak ahcun teinak a hmuh peng ko. Lih le hrokhrawlnak hi zungzal a hmun lo. Huatnak nih teinak tatkak a chuahpi bal lo.

May be an image of 13 people and text that says "OPER WARF BREAKING BREAKING TRUMP CLEARED Don ACQUITED 57- 43 on impeachment as Dems fails to convict him for 2nd time DONALD Trump has en acquitted of the News US News 'GREATEST WITCH HUNT' Donald Trump impeachment: President vows MAGA journey 'has onlv iust beaun' in first GOP SENATORS VOTE TO CONVICT TRUMP ROMNEY PEMSUE CASSIDY TOOMEY MURKOWSKI COLLINS SASSE BUIRR 正 'STOP THE HYPOCRISY' Trump trial sees vids of Dems urging violence & saying FIGHT LIKE HELL THE trial was branded an 'unconstitutional witch"

Senator minung 100 nih asual le sual lo vote an thlak i, Vote 57-43 in President Donald Trump nih a tei hna. President Donald Trump sualphawtnak caah vote 67 a haumi chungah vote 57 lawng an ngah. Voi hnih tazacuai i vawihnih ning tein teinak a cotu President a si. US tuanbia ah tuanbia thar a tial. Democrats nih an ttih tuk caah an huat, an huat tuk caah kum 4 chung a sual an kawl nain a sualnak an hmu kho lo.

Democrats nih an ruahchan mi vialte cu minmei bantuk in an tian dih cang. President hlun hna nih an ngahmi benefit viale zong a ngah dih lai, 2024 thimnak zongah a lut kho than lai. Kum khat ah $221,400 an pek lai. Thla 6 chung a zung riantuan vilate thlahlawh an pek piak rih lai. Kum khat chungah a khual tlawnnak le staff caah million pakhat tiang a claim khawh lai. A nupi Malenia nih kum khat ah a khualtlawnnak le security caah$500000 lengmang hmannak nawl a ngei lai.

Health Insurance pek an si rih lai. A thih tiang in security laak piaktu a ngei lai i, a thihnak ah a dihmi phaisa vialte zong cozah nih tuanvo an laak dih lai. Republican senator minung 6 nih democrats lei ah vote an thlak. Tutan ah Judah Isakhariat a tuanmi Republican party in senator minung 6 hna cu: Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. Credit: Salai Lairamthang

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