Rev. David Lah Kongah Kan Pale Minung (4) Ruahnak Aidang Kho Taktak


Coronavirus phung buar ruangah an tlaihmi Rev. David Lah kongah kan ibochanmi kan u kan pale minung (4) ruahna aidang ngaingai. An caṭial zong ai dang kho taktak. A cheu nih an thangchiat i a cheukhat nih an hnemh i an tuarpi. Anmah le ṭialning tein kan rak chiah. Rev. David Lah zong a konglam zeihmanh a fiang rih lo caah thlacamnak in bawm cio rih hna usih.

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Salai Lungthli Tum nih a ṭialmi: “David Lah cu palhnak hmete ruang ah a ngan bikmi mualphoh le sualphawt a tong. Insein thonginn ah an chiah. Thlacam bawm cio u sih, Pathian nih umpi ko seh, ” tiah Salai lungthli Tum nih amah pumpak facebook timeline ah a ṭial ve.

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Ram Tinthei: “Lung a fak hrinhran ko. Thir cikcin he an kalpi ko cu, minung fa thinlung nih a tuar kholo. Bawipa sunparnak ah cang hram ko seh. Miscarriage of justice! Discrimination! Lack of fairness! Disgusting act! WePrayForYouSayaDavidLah!” tiah Ram Tinthei nih amah pumpak facebook timeline ah a ṭial ve.

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Dr. Sasa: “Khuika ah dah social distancing cu a um ne. Khuika ah dah social distancing phung sermi (Nature Disasters Management law) cu a um kun ne. Mah ka I a ummi media vialte hna khi zulhphung sermi zalong tein hrawhnak nawl maw an ngeih ne. Mah bantuk hi maw uknak phungphai tiah kan ti lai. A taktak ah cun cohlan khawhlomi a si. Anmah palik le media pawl nih nature disaster law an buar ttunglo ah cun David Lah hi zeitindah phung a buar an ti khawh lai. An tuahmi thil hi zumh khawh an si lo tiah a ti,” tiah amah pumpak facebook timeline ah a ṭial ve. Dr. Sasa nih mirang ca in a ṭialmi Laica in an lehmi a si. Pahnih a ṭial nain hihi tu kan langhter.
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Dr. Andrew Ngun Cung Lian: “Court (and) Police Station ah, Law and Regulations pawl hna zei hmanh chimh duh hlah.Covid-19 a tei maw? Hrawk hrawl pa… Krifa pawl kan mit hmai a bit ter tu pa.Zawng keng…. David Lah,” tiah comment a pek ve.

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Hihi kan langhtermi hna hi anmah cio nih Rev. David Lah an tlaihmi kongah an hmuhning le an ruahnak an chim/ṭialmi cio a si. Dr.Sasa belte hi mirang in a ṭialmi Laica in lehin kan rak chiah i tangah mirang in aṭialmi kan rak chiah ṭhiamṭhiam. Mirang ca in a ṭialmi “Where is social distancing here? Where is the law of nature disaster here? All these police are free to break the law? All these media persons are free to break the law? Is this called rule of law ? This is real tragic and unacceptable.

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All of these media persons and police have just broken nature disaster law openly and in the public. This is very same law that Pastor David lah is being accussed of breaking. Unbelievable! May Justice prevail. May love prevail. May peace prevail. May God bless you my friend. May God bless our People. May God bless our Country.

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Praying for you my friend. My dear brother, friend and my pastor, Rev David lah, It is so painful for me to see you being handcuffs by the police in Yangon. Blaming and criminalization of Covid-19 victims are so devastating, such discrimination against the minorities are unjustifiable and completely unacceptable. My dear friend, brother and Pastor, we all are praying for you and His grace is enough for us, AMEN. By His words, again let’s light up our hearts into these terrible darkness. Matthew chapter 5: 11- 12 : ” Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad because the great is your rewards in heaven; for in the same way they persecuted the Prophets who were before you” tiah amah pumpak facebook ah a ṭialmi a si.

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