Malaysia Ah Cancer Zawtnak In A Zawmi Pi Sui Doi Cu Cornerstone Baptist Church Yangon Nih Bawmhnak Tam Taktak An Pek

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We (Our Ministry) blessed and funded RM 14,000 in Jesus Name to Chin Christian Refugee Mrs Sui Doi in Malaysia for life saving medication of Cancer. Doctor treat the Lord heal. Our spirited prayers for her, family and all chin Christian Refugee in Malaysia.

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Heartfelt and Unspeakable Thanks to our Ministry/Kingdom Financial Partners and CCF Pochung Leaders who make our Funding possible to reach to the most desperate need. May God bless you all

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Malaysia i Chin Khrihfa Ralzam Pi Sui Doi Cancer Medication caah Bawipa Jesuh min in RM 14,000 bawmhnak ( Kan Ministry nih) kan pe. Doctor NIH cun an thlop I damnak pe tu cu Bawipa a si. A pumpah a Chungkhar le chin ralzam Malaysia caah thlacam in kan nih bawm hna.

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Kan Ministry/Bawipa ramkaunak Mission caah bawmhnak a kan pe tu ram Chung ram leng Khrih ah unau dih lak cungah le kan bawmhnak tlamtling tein a herh mi sinah phan khawhnak ding caah a kan tawrel piaktu CCF Pochung Pastors le Chairman le hruaitu an dihlak cungah kan nih lawm tuk. Bawipa NIH thlachuah pe ko hna seh.

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Malaysia Sizung nihcun RM 70,000 (၇၀,၀၀၀) a dih lai an ti nain mah nak in a dih deuh lai operation a tuah hlan tuah lio tuah dih hnu zong ah herh mi tampi/ Vatimin tha phun phun ei din piak a hau lai caah Chin mi vialte nih thlacam bawm hna u sih.

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Rev. Uk Ling Thang

Senior Pastor

Cornerstone Baptist Church Yangon

Note: Cornerstone Baptist Mission Myanmar cu Cornerstone Baptist Church Yangon nih a tuah mi Mission asi. Ukling Thang

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