Khah! A Poi Taktak Benjamin Sum A Lung Fak Kho Taktak A Ngaihchia Ngaingai Aruang Rak Rel


Mipi nih hihi kan theih a herh ngaimi a si. Mi in i lak ruangmang in anmah bantuk in an min in ca phunphun kan thlahzamh i hmanhthlak phunphun ka thlahzamhmi hi ahman lomi a si. Cu konghe petlaihin Benjamin Sum nih attialmi ” Ka min hmangin account deu an ser i thawngpang deuh tampi a rak chuak i, mipi nih theihthiam lonak a chuah lawng hmanh si loin keimah thinlung put le ruahnak ka ngeih lo ning piin ca an ttial ruangah Meial pawl nih an lak fawn tikah ka caah a fak tuk hringhran.

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Zaangfahnak tein kan min in fake account tuah ti hlah ulaw thawngpang hman lo post hram ti hlah uh! Cu ruangah thlacamnak in nan ka bawmh zungzal nakhnga zaangfak kan hal hna. A ka bawmtu le a dawtu nan zahte cungah ka lawm tuk ee.” tiah Benjamin Sum nih a facebook page ah a ttial.

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Falam in a ttialmi le Mirang ca in a ttialmi zong kan rak chiah i fiang deuh in rel khawh a si. Ka hmin hmang in account thuphan tampi a ra suak ih, mipi thawn theih sual awk nak a suak thei lawng siloin keimai thinlung put sidan lo vekin ca an ngan ruangah media pawlin an lak fawn, ka hrangah a naa zet. Curuangah thlacam nak thawn in bawm vivo hram uh tin zangfah ka lo dil. In bawmtu in duhdawtu zate parah ka lungawi tuk.

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I have to bring your attention to some fake pages that are posting an article and speaking as me, which posts are not reflecting my heart and who I am. Furthermore, I am saddened that some media are picking up those fake posts and audiences are misguided. I cannot let myself be in this situation. At first I thought it was to support me but this is not going well for me slowly. Their actions are hurting me emotionally and my reputation is damaging. So I am begging you, please stop using my name and posting fake things. And please stop spreading a photo of my cousin sister and me. We were just standing wearing the same jean coat as brother and sister. We grew up together since I did not have another sibling. If your intention is damaging me, defamation is unacceptable. Credit: Benjamin Sum

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