Khah A Dik Lo Tukin Tan kun kyaw An sunghter ruangah Myanmar Idol ngeitu hna Cungah A Tlung Dingmi

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Khah Tan kun kyaw sungh ruangah Myanmar Idol ngeitu hna cu Idol international Law in taza cuai khawh an si. Myanmar idol nei tu hi ‘Mah Mi’ By Rules MM idol nei tu nih phung ning lo in rian attuan. Phaisa kawl nak ah ahman- Kawl tluak in akal pi.

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Myanmar i dol cu kan theih cio btk in phung ning lo in rian an ttuan- lak sawng an hmuh ding nak tam in phaisa hmuh nak lam an kawl ti cu an mah lila nih an fian ter cang. Idol zuamnak-hlasak thiam zuamnak asi nain athiam mi tu an sung i a thiam lo mi tu an awmg.

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Aruang: phaisa luh nak ah ‘Mahmi’ owner nih ahman ti alang cang. Ai zuam mi lila hmenh nih ‘Tan kun kyaw’ sungh cu an i zumh lo. hlasak athiam a aw attha ti an theih ko bu ah an tlak ter. Vote in phaisa kawl an timh mi afiang cang. Esther le Aye myah Phyu athiam bak mi zong buttom 3 ah an tthut ter hna. Aruang vote in phaisa tam pi lut seh ti an duh caah asi. William nih atar mi kawl pawl hken nak hi izumh hlah uh ti zong chim chih kan duh fawn:

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International Country idol law and rule: No purchase is necessary TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. Void where prohibited. All country federal, state, and local regulations: Rules shall be hold by Idols owner-No one can’t be above the the idols law- if so -penalty $one millions-$ 1000000 NO PROXIES , No money- No vote-No political-Judge will make decisions- WILL BE ALLOWED FOR ANY REASON. IF SO ANY COUNTRY IDOL Will BE BROKE THE LAW.

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A complete of these rules can be obtained at the offices of radio station WWWW-FM “Station” owned and operated by Cumulus Radio Corporation, 1100 Victors street, International Country Idol-Ukraine- Canada-481009, during normal business hours Monday through every Friday or by sending a self-addressed,

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How to Enter. At each World Country Idol qualifying location “6- 5- 6- 6-6 7- 6 -12- 6 13- 6 -14-619- 6-20- 6-21-6-26-6-27-6-28” at least one entrant will be selected as potential grand prize winner ‘Finalist’ at the sole discretion of World Country and its judges. Judge will make decisions surely-who shall be good performance-and who shall be good sounding-motivational-etc-

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Audiences can be mistakes-announcers should mistakes-Fans will be mistakes-voting will be mistakes- Unlimited-Limited-poor- rich-votings-audience-announcers- political-Money-Fans-etc-Judge will makes decisions for Winner and scoresheet, etc..Atang lei kawl ca khi-kawl paw ‘Mahmi’ owner nih mi hlen nak atuah mi asi. Saisih Tlangau

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