Impeachment Kongah Trump Caah Hnangam Ngai Si

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Democrats pawl nih Vice President Mike Pence cu 25th Amendments hmang in President Donald Trump phuah dingah an fialmi cu Mike Pence nih a duh lo. Cucaah Democrats pawl nih House ah Artitce of Impeachment hmang in phuah dingah biatung an dirh caah atu lio hi House ah debate an tuah cuahmah lio a si. House ah Democrats palai 222 an um i, Republican palai 211 an um ve.

Image may contain: 5 people, suit and close-up, text that says "Fലa HOUSE OF PAIN Trump faces second impeachment TODAY as at least five Republicans turn on him The House is set to vote after proceedings started just after 9am on Wednesday. If Trump's... Comment US News"

Republican palai minung pa 5 lawng nih impeachment tuah an duh. Mah hna cu At least six GOP members – Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Dan Newhouse of Washington, John Katko of New York, Fred Upton of Michigan, Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington, le Adam Kinzinger of Illinois hna an si .

House ah Democrats an tam deuh caah house nih President Trump cu impeachment an tuah lai i Senate ah biaceih dingah an kuat lai. Senate meeting cu January 19 lawngah meeting tuah a si lai caah President Trump a dinh tiangah tazacuai manh dawh a si ti lo. Senate i taza an cuai zongah Democrats nih tei khawhnak lam a um lo Senate i cheuthum cheu hnih vote lawng in President Trump cu phuah khawh a si Senate ah Democrat le Republican cu vote 50 veve lawng an ngei.

Republican nih cun Democrats pawl thil tuahmi cu sullam a ngei lomi a si, US caah thatnak nak in chiatnak a chuahpi lai, Democrats pawl nih Presided Donald Trump vote thlatu miilion 70 renglo mihmai an zoh chih a herh tiah an ti. Credit: Salai Lairamthang

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