Dr.Sasa a celh hrim lo a ngaihchia tuk hringhran a caṭial von rel cu mitthli a luang

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Dr. Sasa a naupa tiah mipi theihthiam nak ding in kan tial, Dr. Sasa nih a zohkhenh mi, sianginn a kai termi a si caah Dr. Sasa a naupa tiah kan langhter hi asi.Salai Ngo Hmosa (Mr Aung Htun) kum 24 nih nihin zing ah Yangon Hospital ah Ruh Cancer nih an kan thih tak.

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Salai Ngohmosa hi Dr. Sasa tawlrel piakmi Scholarship in India ram, Shilong ah University a kai mi a si. Ca aa zuam tuk mi a si caah first division in India ah sianginn a rak dih. Cu hnu ah Dr. Sasa tawlrel piaknak thiam in China ram Harbin University ah civil engineering a kai tthan. Cu zong ahcun exam an tuah mi kip ah first division dirhmun lengmang a si.

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Tukum 2020 dongh ah hin China Harbin University in a dih cang ding a sinain zawtnak pulrai ruang ah tlawmpal a tlai dih mi a si. Kum (9) chung Dr. Sasa nih a zohkhenhmi a si, siang ngakchia 104 a zohkhen mi chung ah aa tel ve mi, Engineering puitling a si cang lai ti lio ah a nunnak a liam cu Dr. Sasa caah cun tuar a har khun ko lai.

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“Ka naupa, kan siang lo tuk, na sianginn kainak ah na zuam, teinak nganpi na hmuh peng. Kan mah chung in a thiam hleikhun mi Civil Engineering kan ngei ve cang, Lailenpi Airport tuahnak, saknak ah nangmah na cawlcang lai i na ka bawmh cang lai ti lio ah na ka liam tak cu ka celh lo e” tiah Dr. Sasa zong nih a sian lonak kong a tarlangh hi asi.

Mirang ca in a ṭialmi kan rak taar chih: Dr.Sasa,“Dearest Salai Ngohmosa, see you again in a better place. I am shocked and grieving, deepest condolences to the loved ones and family you have left behind. Salai Ngohmosa ( Mr Aung Htun) , age 24 was bravely fighting with very aggressive bone cancer which has separated us this morning. He left us to go to a better place from Yangon General Hospital.

“He was one of the most brilliant students I ever had, he studied really hard and finished his college with the first division from India. He continued civil engineering degrees at Harbin University in China. He again scored first divisions marks all the way through. He made us so proud and made us feel worthy of what we have been doing.

“He was supposed to graduate this year,2020 as our top civil engineer. He was hoping to help us in our efforts to develop ruralairports in Chin State and across Myanmar. But all these hopes were taken away from us this morning. We all were in shock and grieving. For the last 13 years, I was privileged to bring up 104 students. I have worked really and really hard for them.

“Salai Ngohmosa was one of these 104 students , we have journeyed together with him for the last nine years. I don’t want to say goodbye to you my friend , I don’t want to say goodbye to you my hero, I don’t want to say goodbye to you, my student. But I really wanted to say “See you again in a better place where there is no more pain and suffering”. The lest we forget.

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