Bushfire Relief Concert Le Coronavirus Update


Bushfire Relief Concert le Coronavirus Update: ACC (EM) is taking serious actions on the Government policy on COVID-19 and regularly getting updates from Yarra Valley Grammar school. At this point in time, there is nothing concerned about our much-anticipated event and this will go ahead. We wish to advise anyone who have illness to exercise “self-quarantine” isolating from the public.

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COVID-19 kongah nichiar thawng a kan thanh peng. Atu tiang ah thinphan ding a um rih lo. Asinain, a dam lo mi nan um ahcun leng chuah loin mipi he a hlatnak ah um hram uh. Hall ah signboard zong kan tar lai. Theih ding le zulh ding: 1. Concert ah LIVE thlah a ngah lai lo. 2. Hlan ken (zarhhnih) tein nawl (permission) a hal lo mi Lai media pawl LIVE thlah cu chim lo video thlak zong a ngah lai lo. Atu hnu ah nawl hal a ngah ti lai lo. 3. Kan mah ACC nih record tha tein kan lak ko lai.

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4. Concert kan tuahnak ding hall hi Cacawnnak sianginn a si caah a pawng ah kuak zuk le motor chungah zuu din a ngah lo. 5. Pumpak in LIVE a thlah mi cu direct in warning pek an si lai. An ngeih lo ahcun security nih an phone lak piak a si lai. 6. Ticket hi kan zuar dih ngawt cang. Asinain, a ting lo mi paoh – kum 15 cung cu $40 a si lai. 7. Nu le pa pahnih ning in ticket a cawk bak mi lawng an fa le kum 15 tang cu $10 lak an si lai.

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8. Technical setup a tlai ding a si caah luh caan hi – 6:30 pm hrawng in kan thok lai. 9. Cozah le National media an rak ret lai caah zohchia in a cawlcangh mi paoh cu sianginn pawngkam in chuah ter a si lai. 10. Luh caan hnu ah duh paoh chuah a ngah ti lai lo. Hall a chuah mi cu security fak piin lak a si caah luh a duh than ahcun a thar in men a pek lai. By ACC (EM) management team. Ref: Australia Chin Community – EM

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