A Poi Tuk Hringhran Kawlram Nu Sui Hliang A Tlau Nakin Ni 2 A Si Cang A Chung Le Cu Vanram Ah Kan I Tong Hna Lai Tiah Bia A Ca Hna I A Chimmi Rihmi Cu

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A Poi Tuk Hringhran Kawlrma Nu Sui Hliang A Tlau Nakin Ni 2 A Si Cang A Chung Le Cu Vanram Ah Kan I Tong Hna Lai Tiah Bia A Ca Hna I A Chimmi Rihmi Cu

A poi kho taktak ram kip ummi Laimi nih thlacamnak in bawm cio hna usih! Lainu tleirawl 16 lawng asi rihmi Su Hliang cu atuhi a tlaunak in ni 2 a si cang i an cuahmah liopi a si. Amah hi Oklahomacity ah a chungkhar he a ummi an si. Oklahomais 4 News nih a chimning ahcun an kawl cuahmah lio a si i, a hubik an hmuh hi cacawn nihnihni (Tuesday) ah an hmuh tiah a langhter. Amah hi kum 16 te lawng a si rih.

Atu hi suimilam 48 chung a tlau cang i hringtu a nu zong nih a umnak ding hmunhma ruah awk ka thei bak ve lo tiah a chim. A pu Jin Lett nih a chim vemi cu” Atu thla hrawnghrang i a holh zong a holh tuk lo, bia zong a chim tuk lo, a ngaihchia lungleng pengmi a lo” tiah a ruahnak cu a chim ve. Sui Hliang chungkhar hna hi Kawlram (Burma) leiin a rami an si caah holh leiah chambaunak an ngei i, Palik le News 4 thawngzamhtu hna he zong tthatthi in pehtlaihnak an ngei kho lo.

An chungkhar rualchan holh a lehpiaktu nih a chimmi cu Sui Hliang hi mi holh a tlawm a si i, Sui Hliang hi lungfahnak ngei selaw a dawh. Amah hi mi daidamte a si i, hawi le kom zong a ngei lem lomi a si. Lungfahnak (depression) ngei sehlaw a dawh tiah an chungkhar rualchan lei nih holh lettu nih a chim. Sui Hliang an hmuh adonghnak hi cacawn nihnih (tuesday) ahkhan a si. A nu nih a ruahning ahcun nidang bantukin Northwest Classen ah sianginn kai le a si lai tiah a ruah. Asinain inn lei ah a kir-lawi ti lo.

Sui Hliang nih a chungkhar hna caah ca a chiah ta mi an hmuh. Cu fanute nih ca a chiah ta mi a hmuh hnu lawnglawng ah a fanu nih lungfahnak a ngeih ti a theih a si. Ca a chiah ta mi a ttiami cu” nun ka zuam ti lo, vawlei cungah nun hi ka zuam ti lo, vancung ah kan i hmuh-tong hna lai” tiah a chungkhar ca a chiah biak hna i bia a cah hna. Sui Hliang na hmuh sual a si ahcun 911 hi rak call hrimhrim. Source: OKLAHOMA 4News

Mirang ca kan leh chawmmi a si caah kan palhnak tampi a um lai caah Miraang in tlamtling deuh in rel a duhmi nan sual ahcun atanglei ah rel khawh a si.

OKLAHOMA CITY – The search continues for an endangered 16-year-old girl. Su Hliang was last seen on Tuesday.

They describe it as every parent’s worst nightmare. Except this is reality for the terrified family of 16-year-old Su Hliang.

For more than 48-hours Su’s mother has had no idea where she is or what may have happened to the Northwest Classen junior.

“Around this month she doesn’t say a lot, she seems sad,” said Su’s uncle Jin Lett.

Making things more difficult in an already hard situation is a language barrier.

Su’s family is from Burma and they’re unable to easily communicate with police, or even the News 4 crew. Another relative was there to translate Burmese for us, saying Su is struggling.

“She is a quiet girl, who doesn`t have a lot of friends. She may be going through depression. She is suffering by herself,” the relative said.

Su was last seen Tuesday. Her family thought it was a normal day. Su went to school at Northwest Classen before heading to a program at Metro Tech. She then went back to Northwest Classen for a school event from which her mother says she never came home. Instead, a note was left behind. Her mother says it was the first time she learned just how much her daughter was struggling

“She is going through depression and feels like she doesn`t want to live in this world. She left in the note the family will meet again in heaven.”

Call 911 if you see Su Hliang.

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