A Chimning In A Tuahmi Cu President Donald Trump Lawng A Si

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A Chimning In A Tuahmi President Donald Trump: President Trump nih Virus khamhnak si cu 2020 kum dih ah serchuah ding in May 15, 2020 ah a rak chim. A chim ka ah a si kho lo ding in media tampi le sii lei expert tampi nih an soisel. Asinanin a chimning tein an serchuah taktak.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "Trump promises coronavirus vaccine by end of the year, but his own experts temper expectations A vaccine has never been developed so quickly. sarah Kolinovsky May 15, 2020, 7:00 PM min read 7:41"

Asinain Democrats nih cun President Donald Trump chan i virus khamhnak sii serchuah cu a duh lo. Donald Trump credit pek loin Joe Biden tu credit pek an duh caah a si ko. President Donald Trump hi minung a si ve caah a tlamtlin lonak tampi a um ve ko lai. Asinain a biakam le a biachim ning bantuk in a tuah zungzal mi President a si timi cu a tuahsernak nih a langhter.

Relchih: Ralthawh Dingah Tuluk A Ready: Tuluk President Xi Jinping nih Tuluk ralkap pawl cu a herh caan poah ah raltuk kawh dingah ready tein um dingah tuchun ah an ralkap cu order apek cang hna. Tuluk cozah nih US he ituk sual ah tiin ralrin ah nuclear bom le hypersonic Missile rianrang in a chuah chin lengmang ti a si.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "PREPARE FOR WAR Xi Jinping tells his navy to be ready for 'war' at a marine corps base as tensions with Taiwan rise BEIJING CHINA TAIWAN CHINA QUANZHOU XIAMEN TAIPEI CHAOZHOU, GUANGDONG TAIWAN 20miles 20 miles KAOHSIUNG"

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist nih an chimnak ah nuclear kuanfang an ngeihmi hi a hlannak a karh chin lengmang tiah report an chuah. Tuluk nih Nuclear Warheads a ngeihmi hi 250 in 350 renglo ah a karh cang an ti. Tuluk ser DF-16 timi cu a speed hi hlan lio nak in a let 18 in a rang deuh. Din lo bak in khan 2000 a zuang kho.

Cucaah US ramchung Guam tikulh hi a phak khawh ti a si. Tuluk cozah nih an ralkap budget cu billions tampi an karhter i, atu bantuk in ralkap thazang thawnter an timhmi hi US ralkap dir onh khawhnak caah an tuahmi a si an ti. Tuluk le US cu covid-19, Taiwan le South China tilulh i cuhkalh ruangah US he an i rengh lio te a si. Credit: Salai Lairamthang

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